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Our Mission:
Help You Find Your Inner Hero

Ava's Avengers seeks to stand as a symbol of hope to individuals of all ages living in need. By raising awareness through public and charitable events, Ava's Avengers seeks to decrease the socioeconomic burdens placed on families by building support networks dedicated to furthering disease education, raising hope, and increasing human resilience by reminding everyone of the hero within themselves.

Join Ava’s Avengers to help find your inner hero! Ava’s Avengers was formed to allow people from all over the world to step up to the plate and make a positive impact. Through virtual races or joining one of our teams in person at a live event, you can directly impact lives and help build a better future.

Board of Directors

Daniel Vargas

Interim President

Jennifer Drumm

Vice President/Treasurer

Amanda Wright


Jen Landschoot

Executive Administrator

Carnell Johnson

Director of Operations

Andrew Wright

Executive Director

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