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Heroes of Tomorrow

Starting in 2023, Ava's Avengers is partnering with the Spartan Kids Foundation for the Heroes of Tomorrow program.  Team members from Ava's Avengers volunteer for the after school program that emphasizes the benefits of health and nutrition, as well as instilling the character traits of a hero, teaching the kids to be community minded and help others.  

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Ava’s Avengers constantly strives to serve as a source of inspiration for others by leading from the front. Be it igniting a fire for people to get healthy and push their limits, or inspiring them to become active in helping others in their community, our goal continues to be to help others find their inner hero, and join the fight.

While inspiring friends, family, and strangers across the country is certainly a way to make a lasting impact on families and communities throughout the country, we realize that forging the next generation of heroes is the way to build a better future.

The Heroes of Tomorrow program is designed to help build the next generation of heroes, who will go through life engrained with the virtues and work ethic of heroes. Be it online or in person, coaches and teachers will guide the younger generation, teaching them elements of personal health and fitness, the value of hard work, and the importance of using their own time, abilities, and passions to help others.

In short, Ava’s Avengers have created a hero academy to send the next generation of heroes into the future with hopes of inspiring their peers, and continuing to join the fight in efforts to help those in their darkest hour.

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Heroes of Tomorrow 2024

Las Vegas students participating in the Ava’s Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow program stormed the Spartan Kids course March 16th and 17th. After months of physical training and lessons in leadership, kids from the Las Vegas valley stepped up to answer the Spartan challenge. Special thanks to the Spartan Kids Foundation for the amazing opportunity.

Ava's Avengers SPartan Up!

Ava's Avengers Spartan Up!!

On March 18th and 19th, members of Ava's Avengers and students from their after-school outreach program "Heroes of Tomorrow" stormed the Spartan courses in Las Vegas.With the support of the Spartan Kids Foundation, Ava's Avengers was able to bring kids from Las Vegas schools to participate in their first Spartan Kids races.

The program focuses on health and fitness, as well as teaches kids integrity, hard work, dedication, and community mindfulness. One of the highlights of the race weekend was the fact that an Assistant Principal and teachers from Las Vegas schools participated in their first Spartan races as well. Leading from the front is the Avenger way. and these brave educators and administrators certainly embodied that ideal. Congratulations to all who participated!

Super Hero Sundays

Be a hero by helping Ava’s Avengers bring smiles to faces of families battling through their darkest hours.
The Super Hero Sundays program is an outreach effort to support families staying at Ronald McDonald House, to help remind them that they are not fighting their battle alone. Each month, members of Ava’s Avengers visit Ronald McDonald House, bringing surprise gift bags for the families staying at RMH, as well as baking cookies, brownies, and other desserts for the families to enjoy when they return from the hospital each night.

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