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As a CADET, you will begin your journey with Ava’s Avengers. Think of this period as an “Avengers Academy”, where you learn the ins and outs of Avengering. Once a Cadet has learned the ropes and completed the necessary requirements, they will graduate to become an AGENT. Requirements include completing a race or competition, participating in acts of volunteerism, and taking part one of our monthly intra-Avengers challenges. Your Ava’s Avengers welcome packet will walk you through the process of graduating from a CADET to an AGENT.

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AGENTS are the heart and soul of Ava’s Avengers, showing initiative to lead by example, thereby inspiring others and making a positive impact in their communities. Any AGENTS wishing to continue to climb the Ava’s Avengers ladder can elect to pursue promotion to becoming a full-fledged AVENGER. Upon becoming an AGENT, members will receive their Agent Welcome Letter, introducing them to the next stage of their journey. Requirements for being considered for promotion to the rank of AVENGER include: successfully completing races or competition, continued efforts in volunteerism, community outreach efforts, assisting in charitable fundraising efforts, and participation in monthly intra-Avengers challenges.

If you would like more information on becoming an Agent, email our team to let them know you’d like to continue on with your adventure.

Ready to push yourself to help make the world a better place?  Team members participating in multiple races, volunteer activities, and fundraising efforts can earn their Ava’s Avengers alter-ego.  The team of Avengers are those who are most dedicated to testing their limits in order to help others.  Do you have what it takes to be one of Ava’s Avengers? YES!

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