Find Your Inner Hero

Anyone, anywhere can become a Cadet for Ava’s Avengers, and walk/run to help raise funds and awareness. Be it a friend joining for one event, or someone beginning their road to
becoming an Avenger, everyone can be a hero through Ava’s Avengers.


Simply fill out the questionnaire below to get started. 

Click on join the fight to contact us and in the subject of your email put "send me more information" so we can better assist you.

Individuals participating in more than one race/ walk event, as well as assisting in volunteer
efforts will become Agents of Ava’s Avengers.  Our Agents are the army of heroes that help
make Ava’s Avengers possible.   If you have successfully completed your first mission as a
Cadet, email our team to let them know you’d like to continue on with your adventure, and
become an Agent.

Ready to push yourself to help make the world a better place?  Team members participating in multiple races, volunteer activities, and fundraising efforts can earn their Ava’s Avengers alter-ego.  The team of Avengers are those who are most dedicated to testing their limits in order to help others.  Do you have what it takes to be one of Ava’s Avengers? YES!

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