March 25

Heroes of Tomorrow Program Launched in 2023


Ava's Avengers SPartan Up!

Ava's Avengers Spartan Up!!

On March 18th and 19th, members of Ava's Avengers and students from their after-school outreach program "Heroes of Tomorrow" stormed the Spartan courses in Las Vegas.With the support of the Spartan Kids Foundation, Ava's Avengers was able to bring kids from Las Vegas schools to participate in their first Spartan Kids races.

The program focuses on health and fitness, as well as teaches kids integrity, hard work, dedication, and community mindfulness. One of the highlights of the race weekend was the fact that an Assistant Principal and teachers from Las Vegas schools participated in their first Spartan races as well. Leading from the front is the Avenger way. and these brave educators and administrators certainly embodied that ideal. Congratulations to all who participated!


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